Vision : To see the poverty free social life in Bangladesh

Mission :

  • Promote¬† advocacy, awareness raising & capacity building for secluded community including transgender Hijra people, poor rural cultural artistes, slum adolescents, under privileged widowed, abandoned and divorced woman and their children.
  • Provide water, health, sanitation & hygienic information & services to the urban & rural poor including woman, children, youth & elders.
  • Provide workshop and certificate courses on TFD (Theatre for Development) for social activists.
  • Preserve and promote indigenous culture for national identity.
  • Impart Human Rights Education and Training for human rights defenders & activists and implement human rights projects for social equality.
  • Fighting against climate change: adoption for food security and agro-economic growth.
  • Restoration of social democracy for social mobilization & transformation.

Partnership & networking:

  • 20 Adolescent girls development networks
  • 10 Theatre for development networks
  • 15 civil society & CBO networks
  • 20 rural popular drama artistes networks
  • 10 Local NGO networks
  • 10 district based transgender networks